Easy Pass Theory Course

The unique theory test training video course! This is the only course that has videos that answer the theory test practice questions, while building hazard perception skills, at the same time, as you watch!

Here you can learn each subject from scratch without being asked any questions. Watch the videos and let the correct answers and hazard perception skills come to you!

This is EasyPassTheory –

  • 100 video clips which introduce each road subject and go through it in a few minutes
  • All subjects used for the theory test are covered
  • Each clip contains several correct answers to the practice questions in full detail and applied to the road
  • Terms used in the test and Highway Code are explained in full
  • Hazard perception skills are developed using video examples
  • Learn the answers to the practice questions, first time
  • You can watch what you want, whenever you want
  • Watch the clips again and again whenever you wish to help you remember
  • No need to try to find the correct answer from four questions, as in learning from a book or an app – get the right answers the first time!
  • Hints and tips are given for how to spot the developing hazards for the hazard perception test
  • Easy to learn for people who speak English as a second language and for those new to the UK
  • No experience is needed in the road or road situations
  • People with dyslexia, and autistic people, will find this course a beneficial aid to learning, and short clips will help ADHD people with concentration as they learn
  • No stress from trying to learn something new using questions – videos give you the knowledge in an easier way
  • Learn all the theory test subjects – awareness, attitude, junctions, first aid, documents and much more!
  • Watch, listen, and you will learn while you’re watching and listening – the easy way to learn
  • Seeing theory applied in practice to on-road situations will improve your driving skills in-car

EasyPassTheory is written by one of the UK’s most qualified driving instructors with over 16 years of experience in theory test training. After seeing many pupils struggle with trying to learn to pass the theory test while learning each subject only from questions, this instructor developed this course to help people learn the right answers quickly using video, with no questions being asked.

The course is divided into categories, with 100 individual video clips which contain correct answers to the practice questions. Each one of these clips is just a few minutes long.

Hazard perception tips are included in these videos, too – different types of hazards, and where they are likely to be seen, what to look for in different situations and the reactions you need.

Have you never ridden a bicycle? Your parents don’t have a car? No problem! This course covers all the knowledge you need for the theory test questions and develops your hazard perception skills. Special terms used in the theory test will be explained to you.

Are you new to the UK, or have English as a second language? This course uses easy language to help you learn, and all the difficult terms used in the UK theory test are fully explained in video clips.

Every category and video in this course contains knowledge which is used in either the questions or hazard perception part of the test. Because there are many different things you

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About Instructor

Julia Malkin MBE

One of the UK's most qualified driving instructors, winner of many awards pioneer of the award-winning 'Revolutions' course which trains instructors in how to teach pupils with special educational needs.

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  • 20 Lessons
  • 94 Topics

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Unique course that teaches you the ins and outs of the hazard perception test.