Driving Test Nerves Course Pro

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Take your driving school to the next level by providing your pupils with unlimited access to amazing techniques to combat Driving Anxiety & Test Day Nerves. In addition to happy pupils, it can also help to increase your pass rate and avoid those Standards Check Triggers!
Play Video about Driving Test Nerves Course Pro
Play Video about Driving Test Nerves Course Pro

Helping your pupils

Test Day? First driving lesson? Whatever stage they are at, this course will help your pupils to remain calm, relaxed, focused, and in control of their emotions whatever the situation.
Over 50,000 people have used the techniques


Can increase your pass rate by up to 22%


in a survey, on average, ADI’s pass rate has increased by 22% since using DTN
How much could Standards Check Triggers be reduced if all your pupils could drive on test the same as they do on lesson?


Sneak Peak

Don’t take our word for it…

This is what instructors and learners say about Driving Test Nerves Course Pro and the techniques

Have you noticed increased anxiety in pupils?

You and your pupils can experience the same powerful techniques that have been used to help the Troops returning from Afghanistan with P.T.S.D.

Highly effective, proven techniques

By ensuring your pupils are mentally, as well as physically prepared for their test

How to avoid Standards Check triggers…

By ensuring your pupils are mentally, as well as physically prepared for their test

Video Tutorials

Get instant access to the Driving Test Nerves Course for you and your pupils once you’ve signed up. Can be used at home, or on lesson, from any device

How the brain works

Understand how the brain works, and how we ‘create’ emotions, both good and bad

Identify and Rectify…

You and your pupils can identify Behaviours, Emotions, Physical Sensations and Thoughts that sabotage their progress, and use the techniques to rectify them

How it works

Get Started Straight Away

As soon as you sign up you will get an email to directly log you onto the course. You can choose to use the app or the website. Both work on phones, tablets, and computers. You can then give access to your pupils by easily creating a unique link for each pupil

Why subscribe?

Packed full of helpful information for you and your pupils, you will learn how the brain works, how we ‘create’ emotions, techniques to stop your pupils muddling up left and right, and proven psychological techniques to combat driving anxiety and test nerves.

Not just for your pupils!

The techniques are not only for your pupils! Do you get anxious on Standards Checks? Does your mind go blank, or you experience ‘verbal diarrhoea’?! The techniques in the course are just as relevant for PDIs taking Part 3, or ADIs for SCs as they are for your pupils

Avoid Standards Check triggers

You may teach to a high standard, but what happens when nerves take over on the day, and your pupil drives totally differently? By using the techniques in the course, your pupils will be able to control their emotions, so they can drive on test calmly, thoughtfully, and confidently… just how you taught them

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What instructors say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have subscribed, go to ‘Courses & eBooks’ from the main menu and select ‘My courses’. The first lesson, ‘Instructor Information’, explains how to give your students access and detailed information on how to use this course with your pupils.

The course includes videos, quizzes, written information and worksheets, and your pupils will benefit from:

  • Techniques to combat test nerves & keep calm on lessons
  • The key to understanding how their mind works
  • 2 minute techniques to banish nerves, fear, panic, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, intimidation and embarrassment
  • Increase their confidence and self esteem
  • Stop them ‘talking themselves into failure’
  • Stop muddling up left/right

The course can be used for the following:

  • Reducing driving test nerves (can also be used for theory test nerves)
  • Eliminating ‘Auditory Exclusion’ when what you say goes in one ear and out of the other!
  • Dealing with anxiety over dual carriageways and motorways
  • For full licence holders who experience driving anxiety
This will depend on the situation and the pupil. Some pupils will want to work through the course methodically and gradually start to implement the techniques during their lessons. This isn’t always possible though if their test is tomorrow. The techniques are so effective they can even be done in the two minutes before the examiner comes out! As an instructor, it’s worth going through the course yourself to gain an understanding of how it works.
The choice is yours. Some instructors decide to give it for free as an added value to their service, whereas others find that by charging a small fee to use the course, their pupils perceive greater value in it, and engage more with it. You will also be easily able to recover the cost you pay by doing this.
Even the most competent person can suffer performance anxiety (you only have to look at the amazing singer, Adele!). By ensuring your pupils are mentally as well as physically prepared for their test, this should increase your pass rate, result in fewer driver faults and therefore reduce your risk of SC triggers.
Absolutely! The techniques are just as relevant and effect for instructors as they are for your learners.
Without question! You will gain an understanding into why they blank out, don’t see the car at the roundabout, or what you say goes in one ear and out the other. Also, why the often drive totally differently on test to on lesson. You will then be able to analyse their behaviour with them and use the techniques to give them control over their emotions.
This course is aimed at helping your nervous and anxious learners to control their emotions. You may often find that if a learner with dyslexia etc., is anxious, then this will exacerbate the issues associated with dyslexia, e.g., sequencing issues, muddling up left/right, processing information, retrieval of information etc. By calming their emotions, this can help to alleviate many of these issues. The course is great for learners with dyslexia as it contain a wealth of video content

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