Learner Driver Logbook Pro

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Give your driving school an added edge by providing a course to support your students learning to drive journey! Proven techniques to get them engaged and taking responsibility for their learning.  



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Create Engaged, Fun and Progressive Lessons 

The National Standards for Driver and Rider Training encourages us to set lessons that engage our students and give them a fun, safe environment to learn in.  This course is designed to keep them engaged, therefore responsible for their learning throughout the whole process, whilst giving the instructor a tool to create fun, progressive lessons that suit the standards and part 3 exams.  

By working alongside the course, you can expect learners who: 

  • Are ready to set goals 
  • Able to review goals and take responsibility for their learning 
  • Explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions 
  • Make connections between their learning style and preferred way to learn to drive 
  • Can analyse their problems and find routes to fix them 
  • Engage with each lesson to get the maximum potential 

What’s included? 

  • Provoking questions to get the student to analyse themselves and their learning 
  • Reflective logs 
  • Progress charts 
  • Mind Maps 
  • Record of private practice 
  • Goal setting charts 
  • Coaching wheels 
  • Practical Driving test questions 
  • Show me, tell me 
  • Common reasons for failure and questions on how to overcome them 
  • Post-test road safety 
  • Safe driver for life promotion 


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