Theory Test Course Pro

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Do you want to stand out from other instructors? You can do so by offering your pupils the chance to sign up for Theory Test Course Pro, which will help them pass their theory test quickly and efficiently.

This means pupils can book practical tests as soon as they are ready.

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What is Theory
Test Course Pro?

Theory Test Course Pro gives unlimited access to over 100 videos, worksheets, facts lists and quizzes for all subjects in the theory syllabus. In addition to all that, pupils will receive two other courses: 


  • Test Manoeuvres course
  • Show Me Tell Me course

“We have helped over 23,000 people to pass their theory test.”

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Did you know?

Almost 55% of learners fail their theory tests. Make your pupil be part of the 45% who pass!

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Test Anxiety

A section on test anxiety will teach your pupils how to feel calm and confident, enabling them to pass not only their theory test successfully but also help prepare them for their practical test.

It couldn’t be easier to start

As soon as you sign up you will get an email explaining how you give pupils access by quickly creating a unique link for each. You can choose to use the app or the website. Both work on phones, tablets, and computers.

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