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Hand Controls – Gear Level

Changing gear:

Use the gear lever with the palm of your left hand. Be gentle but positive when changing gear. Each gear is used for its own range of speed. When moving away up to 10mph first gear is used as it is the most powerful and required to move the load when at its heaviest. As less power is required when momentum is gained you can move up through the gears.

As a guide:

0 – 10 mph 1st gear
10 – 20 mph 2nd gear
20 – 30 mph 3rd gear
30 – 50 mph 4th gear
50 – 70 mph 5th or 6th gear

As you gain momentum you will need less power in order to keep or even increase momentum. Higher gears allow this with minimum strain on the engine. Be careful not to look at the gear lever while changing gear. Do not force into gear.

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