Virtual Driving Instructor PRO

All VDI users also receive the following at no extra cost:
  • TestBuddy – Practice your Theory Test Course
  • TestBuddy – Highway Code Course
  • TestBuddy – Know Your Traffic Signs Course
Making VDI and accompanying TestBuddy FREE courses, all your pupils need to practice outside their driving lessons for the Theory and Practical Tests!Stand out from other instructors by offering VDI to all your pupils. Sign up for Virtual Driving Instructor Pro today!

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Virtual Driving Instructor is an online practical driving training tool for learner drivers. Trusted video explanations and demonstrations, organised into lessons and topics for your pupil to use to prepare for driving lessons, recap on driving lessons, and use before private practice and their driving test.

Problems Solved!

  • Fully prepared pupils: No more pupils arriving for driving lessons unprepared to work on agreed lesson goals.
  • Trusted homework: No more sending your pupils to YouTube to watch videos you may not have seen yourself from people who may or may not know what they are doing.
  • Private practice: No more accompanying drivers giving your pupils poor or incorrect advice due to needing a trusted resource.
  • Reflection: No more pupils saying they couldn’t find anything to help them reflect and recap on previous lesson topics.
  • Theory: No more pupils have to buy apps to practice for their theory test outside their driving lessons.

Instructor Benefits:

  • Very low-cost to you
  • Adding huge value to the packages you offer
  • Helping you raise lesson prices
  • Charge pupils for VDI to increase income or give it to them for free
  • Pupils come to lessons better prepared
  • One trusted place for pupils’ homework
  • Save time on driving lesson explanations
  • One trusted support tool for your pupils’ private practice
  • Modernise your offering with digital resources pupils expect
  • It can be used anytime, on any device, anywhere


Angela Mackenzie

So good
This is so good and beneficial for both instructors and learners.

Dave Philip

Love it
It is nice to know that people can now be knowledgeable online before practicing in person.

Angela Mackenzie

A game-changer
Developing a modern coaching approach that works in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. VDI and TestBuddy Theory Courses are resources to support pupils alongside driving lessons and private practice.
No. Your first month is free, then you pay monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Yes. You can charge whatever price you choose to. Although we advise a more profitable way may be to add £1 to your hourly lesson rate and give VDI to your pupils for free when they start lessons.
Yes. You can add and take away access at anytime for any of your pupils.
Yes. You can increase the number of seats on your dashboard.
Yes. You can sign up to a 150-seat subscription. If you need more seats, we can increase this number as much as required with a bespoke subscription.

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