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Do you need specialist advice, hints, and tips for your theory or driving test, or do you want to chat with other learners? TestBuddy will support you every step to getting your full driving licence! 

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Courses & Quizzes

TestBuddy has a range of interactive courses and quizzes to help you! From learning your road signs to help you pass your theory test to understanding the top ten reasons for failure and how to avoid them, TestBuddy has a range of interactive courses and quizzes to help you.

Combined with your driving lessons, our courses and quizzes will increase your skill, knowledge, and understanding, giving you the best chance of passing your driving test the first time and becoming a confident driver!

Popular Instructor Courses

Popular Learner Courses

Free Courses

30 Lessons

The Highway Code is essential reading for all road users, including pedestrian…

Many student face issues with the infamous Hazard Perception test. Luckily, we’ve developed a fantastic model that increases succes rate.
1 Lesson

If you are studying for your Theory Test, you will find this…

Connect With Instructors

Do you have a question about learning to drive, the theory test, hazard perception test, or driving test? Or, have you recently passed your driving test and need some advice? You can ask for help and advice from the TestBuddy Instructor Network!Passionate about their profession and committed to helping all learners and recently qualified drivers, these excellent instructors have thousands of hours of experience between them. They are on hand to give you free advice and the benefit of their experience.
Specialist Advice​

Specialist Advice

The TestBuddy Specialist Instructors are a team of Dedicated Professional Instructors trained in specific areas, such as teaching learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism, through to a Driving Instructor Therapist who can help you if you experience driving anxiety and theory or driving test nerves.

You can message them directly or attend FREE zoom webinars, ask our Specialist Instructors for help and advice, or join the session to pick up some great tips to help you become a confident driver.

Send Direct Messages

Learning to drive can sometimes be lonely; it’s not like you’re learning with other people in a classroom, so why not connect with other learner drivers through TestBuddy? You can message each other, share learning experiences, and even hints and tips.

Learners can connect with other learners, recently qualified people, and even driving instructors. Driving instructors can set up groups to connect with their learners. TestBuddy Direct Messages is flexible, giving you many different ways to connect.

Send Direct Messages​
Test Buddy Blog​

TestBuddy Blog

With everything from what to expect on your first driving lesson to driving on the motorway for the first time, you will find the TestBuddy Blogs interesting, helpful and informative.Written by learners and instructors, TestBuddy Guest Contributors share their knowledge. Want to know what it’s like to be a dyslexic driving instructor or tips from an ex Driving Examiner on how best to prepare for test day? It may have inspired you to submit your own TestBuddy Blog!

TestBuddy For ADIs

TestBuddy enables you to interact with your learners in many different ways.  

Or may you consider becoming a Guest Contributor and sharing your knowledge and experience in a blog?

If you’re feeling inspired, you can create courses for your learner drivers and even opt to open up your courses to other learner drivers. Why not join today and see all TestBuddy can offer you and your learners?

Test Buddy For ADI's​

TestBuddy For PDIs

TestBuddy is for more than just learner drivers! If you are a PDI, you will find TestBuddy a great source of help with your Parts 1,2 and 3. With Specialist Instructors on hand for advice, TestBuddy is your go-to resource! You can even connect and interact with other PDIs.

Why not join one of the specialist groups to help you on your journey? Many PDIs are nervous about their Part 1,2 or 3, so TestBuddy has its own Test Nerves Specialist to help you remain calm, confident and focused on your exams!

Pass With Confidence

From obtaining your provisional licence, finding a driving instructor, and experiencing your first driving lesson to ordering your meal at the drive-thru or driving on the motorway for the first time, TestBuddy is here to help, encourage and support you!

Whatever stage you’re at on your journey, TestBuddy will help you every step of the way, helping you to pass your test with confidence. When you pass, why not stay around and offer help and support to other learners?

Pass With Confidence​
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Learning to drive, recently passed, or even an instructor or trainee instructor, TestBuddy has something for you, so why not create an account today and enjoy all the benefits of being a part of the fantastic TestBuddy Community!

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Unique course that teaches you the ins and outs of the hazard perception test.