B.E.S.T. Quiz – Instructor Information

Four things affect performance: Behaviours, Emotions, Sensations & Thoughts, or B.E.S.T. The questions in this resource are taken from the full quiz in Driving Test Nerves Pro.

Your learners can of course complete the full quiz in the online course, but this resource has been developed to be used in car to help you to engage with your learners, encourage the more ‘reticent’ ones to talk to you, and show them that you understand the challenges they may face when learning to drive.
You can print a separate quiz for each individual pupil, or print the quiz once, and use the score sheet to log the initials of each pupil, along with their score.

Depending on their score, you may suggest to the pupil that they would benefit
from the techniques in the Driving Test Nerves Online course, to give them
control over their emotions, enabling them to keep calm, relaxed and focused
on their lessons and driving test.

By signing up to Driving Test Nerves Pro you will be able to give all of your
learners access to the Driving Test Nerves online course, or they can access the course themselves here.

You will benefit from going through the course yourself to understand how we
create emotions, how Behaviours, Emotions, Sensations & Thoughts affect
performance, and how by using a range of techniques you can aid both yourself
and your learners.

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