Choosing Your Driving Instructor – Part I

If you are looking for a driving instructor, either for yourself or a friend or relative, then these courses are a must! Part one contains everything you need to know to help you to prioritise what is important to you in your choice of a driving instructor, and in Part 2 we help you to compile a list of questions to ask prospective instructors.

Welcome to Part One of Chossing Your Driving Instructor Course

What do you think is the FIRST question that most people ask a driving instructor when enquiring about lessons? It’s more often than not: ’how much do you charge?’ Although cost is important, there are so many other things to consider as well! Asking the right questions of a prospective instructor will help you to find the instructor most suited to your needs. Read through each of the lessons in this course, and complete the quiz to find out what is important to you in your choice of instructor, and keep a note of your answers. In the Choosing Your Driving Instructor Course Part 2, we have put together a comprehensive list of questions to ask prospective instructors. The answers you gave in the quiz will help you to decide which questions are most important to ask.


  • No special requirements are needed for this course, and you can revisit it as many times as you wish.


  • This course will be of benefit if you are just starting your learning to drive the journey and want to find the best instructor for your needs, or if you have already started learning, and for whatever reason, are looking to change instructors. It is also beneficial if you are sourcing an instructor for a friend or family member.


About Instructor

Diane Hall

Hi! I'm Diane and I am a qualified driving instructor and therapist, I can help you overcome driving anxiety or test nerves, and at the same time boost your competence and confidence levels so you are able to take your test in fewer repetitive lessons. You can even use my techniques once you have passed for those times when you feel anxious in different situations, such as motorways or new places, or when you are perhaps feeling intimidated, or frustrated with other road users!

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Posted 7 months ago
An excellent read.

I was just about to book for a driving instructor and the only question I was about to ask was how much you charge?I am so happy I got this course. I am confident in finding a good instructor by asking all the relevant questions. Thank you and I will definitely update you with the outcome.

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Posted 8 months ago
The information was clear and concise.

Diane's advice is always extremely useful and their are many good pointers in her videos

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Posted 8 months ago
Tips on how to choose your instructor

Very good make you gain more confidence to prepare for your driving lessons, what to expect.

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