Close Encounters of the Blue Light Kind

This short course will help you to deal with situations involving ambulances confidently, safely and legally and dispels some of the myths around what you should or shouldn’t do.

Welcome to the Close Encounters of the Blue Light Kind

So, you’ve mastered the clutch, perfected your roundabout approach and can parallel park inch-perfect.  (or you are at least well on the way) You have practised and practised these skills to get where you are, along with all the other requirements to be a competent and safe driver. But what about dealing with ambulances? How many times have you done that?  Once?  Twice?  Maybe, or quite possibly none. Whichever way the chances are that you haven’t had the opportunity to practice very frequently. 

If you have dealt with an ambulance how did it make you feel? Probably pretty anxious, maybe even quite panicky? How would you deal with it next time? The next time you encounter an ambulance situation could well be after you have passed your test and there is no instructor to guide you so this course will help you to feel calm, competent and safe when encountering ambulances, especially when you are out there alone. 

 Who this course is for?

  • Anybody and everybody who gets behind the wheel on UK roads. All drivers, whether learners or experienced drivers with years of motoring under their belt, will learn how to deal with ambulance encounters safely and confidently. 

About Instructor

Sue Topham

I am a qualified and experienced ADI. I am also qualified in Driving at Speed and Blue Light Response and am actively working on the frontline emergency ambulance service.

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Amandaa Bates
Posted 4 months ago
Very helpful

Explained everything clearly. The video clips and quiz at the end really helped.

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Posted 10 months ago

These courses are very informative & great for instructors & pupils alike. Easy to follow with great information & videos etc. I’d definitely recommend!

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Posted 2 years ago
Okay, this is recommended

really is informative on what to do when the ambulance is there.

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