Driving Test Mental Health

Emotions affect everyone every day of their lives – and especially on driving lessons and tests! Take this course to find out if your emotions are preventing you from progressing during your lessons, and passing your test... and if so, what you can do about it.

Welcome to the Driving Test Mental Health Course

Apart from your physical ability, four things affect how well you perform during your lessons and on the driving test: your Behaviours, Emotions, Sensations and Thoughts… what I like to call being at your B.E.S.T. If you are sabotaged by any of these four things, well, let’s just say, you won’t be able to perform to the BEST of your ability!

This course will help you to identify any issues that may be preventing you from performing at your best on lessons and tests, and suggest solutions to them.


  • No special requirements are needed for this course, and you can revisit it as many times as you wish.


  • If you enjoy every driving lesson, always feel calm and relaxed, and are looking forwards to your driving test, knowing that you will be confident on the day, then you don’t need this course! If you don’t already feel this way, then this course is for you!

About Instructor

Diane Hall

Hi! I'm Diane and I am a qualified driving instructor and therapist, I can help you overcome driving anxiety or test nerves, and at the same time boost your competence and confidence levels so you are able to take your test in fewer repetitive lessons. You can even use my techniques once you have passed for those times when you feel anxious in different situations, such as motorways or new places, or when you are perhaps feeling intimidated, or frustrated with other road users!

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 12 Topics
  • 4 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

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Posted 3 weeks ago
Clear and concise - really helps set out the issues to deal with

A lovely structured and clear look at the way people do build up anxieties and stress - and a great way to point this out to them to see if you can help them to relax and know everyone feels the same at some point - and yet really great to know that if some are really struggling there is further help at hand. Brilliant presentation.

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Posted 1 month ago

Motivational, well presented and clearly explained. Straight to the point, addressing precisely all B.E.S.T. issues that can be experienced by a new drivers, encouraging positive approach rather than self destruction, providing further solutions for those who might require more help.

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Posted 2 months ago
Understanding the BEST principles and linking them to the emotions and behaviours that my pupils display

Understanding the way the brain processes information and the way that that those chemicals released and a persons mental health impacts on the way they learn and perform has been mind blowing. I am now going to use these techniques when debriefing my students on mistakes with the encouragement to look at moving forward, not backwards, thank you.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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