Fast Track 2 a Pass

If there was a way to speed up the learning process, enabling you to pass your test sooner and in fewer lessons, but to still ensure that you were a confident, competent driver, and safe on the road, would you do it? This course will help you to do just that!

Welcome to the Fast Track 2 a Pass Course

The majority of learner drivers want to pass their test as soon as they can and in as few lessons as possible. But how do you do that, and at the same time ensure you are a confident and safe driver?  This course contains a range of techniques and strategies to help you achieve this.

Included in this online course

Introduction: How to get the most out of this course

Involve your instructor & Information for instructors: How best to use this course alongside your lessons

Learning styles: by learning in your preferred style, this will speed up the process no end, at the same time making lessons so much more enjoyable; this really puts you on the Fast Track to Success

Increasing your competence: Measuring your progress, taking responsibility for your learning, and techniques to speed up the learning process

Mastering the manoeuvres: Manoeuvres ALWAYS feature in the top ten reasons for failure: discover how you can use techniques to master those manoeuvres BETWEEN lessons, saving you lots of lessons time to concentrate on other things!

Top ten reasons for failure and how to avoid them: includes the latest DVSA statistics along with strategies to fully prepare you for your test.

FREE access to the When can I take my Driving Test course: highlights any areas that you need to work on before your test, to ensure you are fully prepared.

FREE access to the Driving Test Mental Health course: make sure you are emotionally prepared for your driving test.

FREE eBooks: Top Ten reasons for failure and how to avoid them. Preferred Learning Styles Guide.

Please note that this Online Course is not intended to replace your lessons, but to enhance them. By using the techniques you will be able to pass your test in fewer repetitive lessons by remembering more from each lesson and using methods between lessons to speed up your learning (these only take 5 minutes a day!)  It is your responsibility to gain confirmation from your instructor that you have the required competence level to take your test.

About Instructor

Diane Hall

Hi! I'm Diane and I am a qualified driving instructor and therapist, I can help you overcome driving anxiety or test nerves, and at the same time boost your competence and confidence levels so you are able to take your test in fewer repetitive lessons. You can even use my techniques once you have passed for those times when you feel anxious in different situations, such as motorways or new places, or when you are perhaps feeling intimidated, or frustrated with other road users!

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Christopher Deller
Posted 4 months ago
Excellent Course

Excellently written and delivered

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Posted 2 years ago
It gives you back your confidence

I had all but given up on driving. Then I was introduced to Diane Hall. I bought the theory test course and passed. I've taken up driving again, and I feel with Diane and Annie's support. I WILL DO IT!

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Posted 2 years ago
Really great

This course helped me understand what type of a learner am I. Really great to help me with my test.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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