Intensive Theory Test Course

You can pass your theory test with only 1-week of studying on this course.

Welcome to the Intensive Theory Test Course

This course is suitable for anyone who has a theory test booked and needs to prepare quickly. There are 14 theory test topics, and this course has a lesson for each topic, plus a hazard perception lesson.  

Watch at least two lessons each day and complete the mini-mock tests. Then use Theory Test Practice to have a go at all the questions and mock tests.  

About Instructor

Theory Test Practice

Annie Winterburn is a driving instructor, ORDIT instructor trainer and theory test coach. She qualified as an ADI in 2013 to become the owner of Spot On Driving School. She has since trained her husband, Eddie, and son, Lex, to qualify as instructors, and both now work alongside her.Realising that the theory test causes such a great deal of stress and trouble for many learner drivers, inspired Annie to create a course to help learners understand the theory of driving, answer questions more easily, and get to grips with the hazard perception test.

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Posted 11 months ago
very helpful

I am one to struggle to revise but this course made it so much better and made me want to revise

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ambreen gul.khan
Posted 1 year ago
Very very very good

Now I understand all the questions and answers because she teaches so well. Thanks

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Posted 2 years ago
Theory test

It’s easy to understand and help me to be confident with test.

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Unique course that teaches you the ins and outs of the hazard perception test.