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If you want to avoid the pain of a failed Standards Check/ADI Part 3 test or simply want to deliver more holistic lessons to your learners…This course will help you!

Welcome to Meet The Standard Online Course

Are you an ADI or PDI wanting to understand more about the Standards Check or simply wanting to improve your knowledge and skills around Client Centred Learning?
Are you looking to avoid the pain of failure on Standards Check or Part 3 and dreading that moment the envelope drops through your letterbox? Do you want to be more confident about delivering a great lesson to your clients? If so this book will help you.

Beginning with ‘Lesson Planning’ working through the safety-critical ‘Risk Management’ and finishing with ‘Teaching and Learning Strategies’ this 3 part ebook covers both the DVSA Standards Check and ADI part 3 17 competencies, in addition to helping you discover how to deliver a great Client Centred Learning lesson that meets the goals and needs of your pupil, keeps the car safe and delivers value for money.

It breaks down each of the competencies so that you fully understand:

However it doesn’t stop there, it’s packed full of research to help you understand where the standards have come from and how they were formed, as well as lots of Client Centred Learning techniques that you can use to help your learners develop the essential skills of self-evaluation and self-responsibility.

It provides an insight into the human factors that motivate behaviour and additionally there are examples of lesson plans that you can deliver, which take learning, and the learner, beyond the driving test, into their own world of driving, to help them understand their own motivations and risks as a driver, and help you to develop the skills which enable them to form coping strategies and become long term safer drivers…..So that both you, as the instructor, and your clients….’Meet The Standards’

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Lee Jowett is Co-Founder and training manager at the award-winning Knowledgeable Instructor Training, co-host of KIT Podcast and editor of KITMAG. In 2013 he completed the BTEC 4 in Coaching for Driver Development and later delivered the BTEC 4. He is accredited by Cranfield University to deliver behavioural change courses and has completed Cranfield's Driver Psychology course. Mick Knowles is the Co-Founder and Business Development Manager of the award-winning Knowledgeable Instructor Training, the host of The KIT Podcast and the writer for KIT MAG. In 2014 he completed the BTEC Level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development. He is accredited by Cranfield University to deliver behavioural change courses.

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Posted 2 years ago
Great help

Great help to understanding the SC works and what is needed , a most read for all PDi & ADi alike .

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Posted 2 years ago

Only read a bit so far but enjoyed what I have read

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Posted 2 years ago

Well structured for adi and pdi

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