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This course is ideal if you have a Standards Check or Part 3 booked, expecting to get one soon or if you simply want to update your skills.

Welcome to the Standard Check Online Course

What we cover in the KIT SC online course? Unlike some other courses that tell you what to say and how to tick boxes to pass the Standards Check or Part 3 this course helps you to develop your current skill set and gives you new ideas and models to help you to deliver great training on every single lesson that you deliver!

Therefore if you use these techniques daily, then you will become more proficient with them, so that when the Standards Check or your Part 3 comes around you will be more confident in what you need to achieve and able to deliver on the day, rather than struggling to tick boxes. We cover the origins of the Standards Check and why it was brought in. People often wonder why this is important, well if you know the origins of it then you will understand the reasons behind the 17 competencies that make up the Standards Check form (SC1).

This understanding underpins your teaching, it’s easier to teach something in a particular way when you understand the reasons why and the benefits of the method. We cover the GDE matrix and look at how a top-down approach to every single lesson will help you to deliver great lessons every time. This will benefit you on your Standards Check and your pupil’s post-test. We then move on the cover the 17 competencies and help you to understand what they actually mean and what the ADI Examiner is looking for from you to demonstrate competence in each area, but more importantly, how you can ensure that you are applying this to every single lesson that you deliver.

In essence, carry on the top-down approach to your clients from lesson one to the last lesson they receive. We look at models that will help you to set goals with your learners, adapt the lesson when needed and elicit feedback from your clients around goals and risk. These models will help you to avoid the 5 main reasons that ADIs fail their Standards Check and PDIs their Part 3. This course gives you the knowledge and skills required to enable you to deliver with confidence on your next Standards Check or Part 3 attempt. Giving you every opportunity to be successful!

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Lee Jowett is Co-Founder and training manager at the award-winning Knowledgeable Instructor Training, co-host of KIT Podcast and editor of KITMAG. In 2013 he completed the BTEC 4 in Coaching for Driver Development and later delivered the BTEC 4. He is accredited by Cranfield University to deliver behavioural change courses and has completed Cranfield's Driver Psychology course. Mick Knowles is the Co-Founder and Business Development Manager of the award-winning Knowledgeable Instructor Training, the host of The KIT Podcast and the writer for KIT MAG. In 2014 he completed the BTEC Level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development. He is accredited by Cranfield University to deliver behavioural change courses.

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Posted 3 months ago
Good in depth information

Like the idea, you can work at your own pace to absorb the information in detail and go back for recaps.

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Posted 1 year ago
Full of information

Has loads of information about the part 3/standards check that you can watch at your own pace and then go back into for recaps. Would definitely recommend.

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Posted 1 year ago
So good

This course is simple and concise. It helped me so much. So good. *ChefKiss*

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