Top Ten Reasons For Failure And How To Avoid Them

Based on the latest DVSA statistics, this course explains not only the most common reasons for failure but how you can avoid them on your own driving test.

Welcome to the Top Ten Reasons for Failure and How to Avoid them Course

This course will help you to understand what the examiner is looking for on the day and the top ten reasons that examiners fail test candidates. If you take on board your instructor’s advice and you are at the required standard, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t pass your test and become a safe driver. Taking this course will not only build upon everything you are learning with your instructor but also give you an insight into what the examiner will be assessing you on. You can take this course as many times as you wish; you may have only just started lessons and want to get a grasp of what lies ahead, or you may be about to take your test and want to arm yourself with the most up to date information.

Wherever you are on your learning to drive journey, you will find the information in this course invaluable, and not only will it help you to pass your test, but also set you up for being a safe and responsible driver! 

  • No special requirements are needed for this course, and you can revisit it as many times as you wish
Who this course is for:
  • If you’re close to taking your test, then the information in this course will help to fully prepare you! Even if you have recently started to learn, you will still benefit from the information… but remember to come back and re-sit the course just before the test!

About Instructor

Diane Hall

Hi! I'm Diane and I am a qualified driving instructor and therapist, I can help you overcome driving anxiety or test nerves, and at the same time boost your competence and confidence levels so you are able to take your test in fewer repetitive lessons. You can even use my techniques once you have passed for those times when you feel anxious in different situations, such as motorways or new places, or when you are perhaps feeling intimidated, or frustrated with other road users!

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Grace Blackburn
Posted 12 months ago
Puts it into perspective!

I've been learning on and off since 18 (now in my 30's) and a very nervous learner. I've used calming techniques to help me prepare for my test and thought this course would either help me... or terrify me! Thankfully I found it really helpful, especially as it confirms so much of what I learn with my instructor.

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Posted 12 months ago
Really helpful

Most of the things I learned in this course are the things that my instructor keeps nagging me about... especially mirror checks! He keeps explaining the importance, but his has helped me to understand why he keeps on at me!

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Diane Hall
Posted 2 years ago

I’m really glad that this course has helped you to realise the importance of mirror checks, and acting on what you see. It can often seem like your instructor is ‘nagging’ you about mirrors. The issue is that everything else you do has a ‘physical’ consequence, like stalling if you lift your clutch too quickly, or try to move off in the wrong gear… but if you miss a mirror check there is no ‘physical’ consequence as your instructor isn’t going to let anything dangerous happen. Therefore, it’s really important to take responsibility, and it looks like you’re well on your way! Good luck!

Harry Deacon
Posted 1 year ago
Really tested me!

I found the information really helpful, and the questions really tested me! I thought I had taken it all in, but only got half the questions right! I've gone back and read the course again and watched the videos and scored full marks this time. Makes you think about how much there is to know to be ready for your test!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

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