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Get Rid of Test Anxiety

Tracing Hands will help you get rid of anxiety

Tracing Hands is a simple technique you can do anytime you feel stressed and anxious.

It is extremely effective at lowering the heart rate, controlling your physiological state, helping you be more focused, reducing anxiety and stress and lowering blood pressure.

A bonus of Tracing Hands is that you can do it anywhere.

Practice every day, for 3-5 days, before your theory test.Practice at least 2-3 times per day.

On test day you can use it when you arrive at the test centre, either in your car or in the waiting room. You can have your hand on your lap so that no-one knows what you’re doing. Alternatively, you can just ‘imagine’ you are tracing around your hand.

Tracing Hands Steps

Anchoring will help you feel more confident

The Steps:

Set up your anchor a few days before your theory test. Fire your anchor as you sit down to take your theory test.

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