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Question 1

Question 1
Tell me how you’d check that the brakes are working before starting a journey.

Answer 1
The brake pedal should not feel spongy or slack.

Test your brakes as you set of, and the car should not pull to one side.

Extra 1
Brakes that are in good working order should have a foot pedal that feels firm when you press it. As you press it more, it should feel even firmer. If you notice that the pedal feels soft or spongy, or the pedal feels loose, you have a problem with your brakes. Don’t drive it. Your car will not be able to slow down as easily.

At the start of your journey, move the car slowly and then press your brake pedal to test that the brakes work. Your car should not pull to one side when you brake. If it does, you need to get the problem fixed.

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