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Question 11

Question 11
Tell me how you switch your headlight from dipped to main beam and explain how you’d know the main beam is on.

Answer 11
Turn the car ignition on.

Turn on the dipped headlights and then turn on the main beam.

Check the main beam warning light is on.

Extra 11
Dipped headlights are the lights in your car that you will turn on more than any other car light.

You’ll turn them on when it’s dull, when it’s raining during the day, on lit roads at night, in tunnels and so on.

When you’re on an unlit road in the dark you’ll turn your main beam light on as well.

The main beam lights are very bright and will help you see far ahead.

You will know they’re on because a warning light will illuminate on your dashboard.

Remember: If there is anyone in front of you, you must turn them off, so your lights don’t dazzle them. And if anyone is overtaking you, a good time to turn them off is just as the vehicle is passing you. So, as they are alongside you, turn your main beam off and they can turn their main beam on.

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