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Question 17

Question 17
When it’s safe to do so, can you show me how you’d switch on your dipped headlights?

Answer 17

  • Think about what the examiner has asked you
  • Remind yourself what you need to do
  • Look well ahead and check your mirrors
  • Decide if it’s a safe time to use the control
  • Turn on your car lights – then turn them off again

Extra 17
Dipped headlights are the most used lights in your car. They are the brightest lights your car has that won’t dazzle other road users.

You should use them when visibility is poor; so, when it first starts to get dark, or at night-time or in bad weather.

You also use them when you’re driving through a tunnel or a multi-storey car park.

They’re called dipped headlights because they’re angled or dipped towards the road.

Dipped headlights will help other road users to see you.

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