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Question 8

Question 8
Tell me how you’d check the brake lights are working on this car.

Answer 8
Explain that you’d turn the ignition on and then press the brake pedal. Then ask someone to check that both your brake lights are working. Or park with your car close to a garage door or window to use reflections.

Extra 8
When you press your brake pedal, red lights light up at the back of your car. Drivers behind see your brake lights and know that you’re slowing down or stopping, so it’s important that they are working properly. To check your brake lights are working you need to press the brake pedal. So, you need to ask someone to stand at the back of your car and check that the lights come on. Or you can park with the back of your car close to a garage door or windows. When you press the brake pedal, you’ll see the brake lights in the reflection.

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