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Question 9

Question 9
Tell me how you’d check the power-assisted steering is working before starting a journey.

Answer 9
Pull downwards on the steering wheel while you turn the engine on. You will notice the steering wheel will turn easily.

If the steering feels heavy while driving, then there is a problem with the Power Assisted Steering.

Extra 9
Your car wheels are heavy, and they are touching the road, so it should be really hard work to turn your steering wheel.

Steering is easy though. That’s because there is power going to the steering wheel.

If the Power Assisted Steering wasn’t working, steering would feel heavy and hard to turn.

When you turn your engine on, the Power Assisted Steering starts to work. You will know it’s working because the steering wheel will move easily.

Pull down on the steering wheel, then turn the engine on, you’ll feel the wheel suddenly move easily.

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