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    What Happens on Test Day

    Knowing what will happen on test day will help you to feel much less anxious about it.

    A few days before test day

    Arriving at test center

    Taking your test

    Getting your result

    Passing your test

    If you have passed your theory test, congratulations! You can now book your practical test. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your driving to a good, safe standard before taking your practical test.

    Failing your test

    If you have failed your theory test, don’t worry. You are not alone! Many learners fail their theory test. In fact, more than half of all learners will fail their theory test. Did you fail on the multiple-choice questions, or on the hazard perception part of the test?

    Check your scores and work out which sections need more revision. I’d advise that you make sure you get a better understanding of the topics that you answered questions incorrectly.

    But also, that you continue to practice all topics. Whether you failed on the multiple-choice questions or the hazard perception test, you should continue to practice BOTH parts of the test. You don’t want to fail the OTHER part of the test on your next attempt! Getting extra help will benefit everyone. You will fully understand the facts and have an easy way to remember them.


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    then you’ll absolutely be fully prepared to pass your theory test!

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