Preferred Learning Style Guide eBook | by Diane Hall


** This eBook is included in the Fast Track 2 a Pass & Learning to drive with Dyslexia & Dyspraxia online courses **

By being taught in your preferred learning style, you will learn much more easily, making the process more enjoyable for you and your instructor, and you will become a better driver in fewer lessons!

Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, is a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 17 years of experience helping learners & driving instructors to combat test day nerves & driving anxiety.


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Did you know that you will learn to drive more easily if you’re taught in a way that is tailored to your preferred learning style?  Everyone learns in different ways; you may find that you learn easily if something is explained to you, or you may prefer a demonstration, or for some people, they learn faster if they see something drawn or written down.  Whatever your preferred style, if you are taught in your preferred style, then you are going to learn the new task much more easily and quickly, not to mention retain the information more easily and for longer.This guide can be downloaded by learner drivers to complete and share the information with their instructors, and can also be used by instructors during lessons to ascertain their pupils’ preferred style.  Lessons can then be tailored to pupils’ individual preferences, which will aid both the instructor and the pupil.




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