Top 10 Reasons for Failure and How to Avoid them | eBook


Approximately half the tests conducted every day will result in failure! This free eBook not only gives you the top ten reasons for failure, based on DVSA statistics, but useful insights into how to avoid these common errors.

DRIVING INSTRUCTOR? This eBook is designed to be shared with your pupils, to reinforce the skills you are teaching, and to support you in your message of not only what the DVSA examiners are looking for, but in helping your learners to become safe, responsible, confident and competent drivers.

Diane Hall DVSA(ADI), TFT-Advanced, is a driving instructor and therapist rolled into one, with over 17 years experience helping learners & driving instructors to combat test day nerves & driving anxiety. (Please note that you will go through checkout, but you will not be charged)


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This eBook could mean the difference between you passing or failing your driving test! Every learner driver wants to know when will they be ready for their test.  The most simple answer is ‘when you can drive without any help (other than directions) safely, competently, responsibly, with full awareness of what’s happening around you, and are able to deal with any situation that arises’.  Now, it doesn’t mean that every gear change has to be perfect, or that you have the same experience and judgement as someone who has been driving for years, but it does mean that if you have to rely on help from your instructor then you are not ready.

How many times during your lesson does your instructor have to prompt you on mirror checks, or speed limits, or when it’s safe to go at a junction, or what lane you should be in?  To pass your driving test you need to be capable of doing all these things without your instructor’s help. If you can’t, then trust me, you are not ready for your test!

This eBook not only gives the top ten reasons for failure, but valuable insights into what the DVSA examiners are looking for.


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