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Changes Due to Covid-19

Changes due to Covid-19

The DVSA have limited the standards check and Part 3 Test to 45 minutes because of concerns over examiners being exposed to the virus. They have therefore asked that we do not bring candidates who need extended briefings (so no beginners). They also ask that out of the 45 minutes we are wheels turning for 40 of them. They ask that we do not stop unnecessarily, but please do not think
that means you cannot stop if it is necessary. Ask the examiner when they ring you in advance for clarity.
You will get the chance to speak with the examiner beforehand when they phone you, this is your opportunity to explain your working relationship with this pupil and explain any adaptations to lessons as a result of this.

For example:

this pupil prefers to…
we normally…
we have found that working in this way helps…
this pupil doesn’t like demonstrations… etc.

Explain to the examiner how you normally work together and paint a picture for the examiner of what they may expect to see when they join you.

You will do a full lesson beginning before the examiner enters the vehicle, so all they will want from you is a quick overview of what you are up to and where you are at.

For example:
we are working on junctions today, we have already completed a few laps covering turning left and it went really well, so we are now about to tackle turning right


we have completed a few laps where we have done it with me giving total guidance and we are now going to tackle it with just prompting.

In this way the examiner can more fully appreciate what it is they should be expecting to see. I often hear from people I’m working with, “the examiner said I should have adapted x, y, or z, but I know my pupil better than they do, so it’s a ridiculous thing to say”
It is a ridiculous thing to expect the examiner in a 40-minute snapshot to work it all out, so make it easy for them by giving them a more complete picture before you start. Think about it, we often leave things for next time, knowing full well our
learner will have learned from what just happened, but can the examiner work that out? It is you who needs to demonstrate competence and without the full picture the examiner only sees that you missed something.

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