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Moving Away & Stopping

On your first lesson, you’ll learn how to move away and stop the car safely.



Your instructor has dual controls; a brake pedal and a clutch pedal.

That means they can slow or stop the car for you if necessary, and also stop you from stalling if they need to.

You can use the P O M routine to move away.

This stands for:

  • Prepare 
  • Observe 
  • Move



Before you start the engine you need to make 2 checks:

  1. Check the handbrake is on
  2. Check the gear is in neutral


Prepare – this is when you will get the car ready to move

  • Press the clutch all the way down
  • Select 1st gear
  • Set some gas – until the engine revs are about 1500 rpm
  • Bring the clutch pedal up until you are at biting point – you will hear the engine tone dip and the engine revs will reduce
  • Keep your feet still

Observe – this is when you check if it is safe to start to move away

  • Look up and down the road to see if it’s a good time to start the observations
  • Check your Left Mirror – Ahead – Middle Mirror – Right Door Mirror
  • Finally check your Right Blind Spot – to do this look over your right shoulder

Move – this is when you will start to move the car

  • If it is safe to move away, keep your feet still and release the handbrake
  • Press a little more gas
  • Bring the clutch pedal up smoothly, to the count of about 4
  • Rest your left foot to the left side of the clutch pedal
  • Check your middle mirror – is anything following you
  • Check your right door mirror – is anything overtaking you
  • Steer to a good driving position, this is about 1 metre from the kerb
  • Look as far ahead as you can, this will help you to steer accurately


You’ll use the MSM routine. This stands for:

  • Mirrors
  • Signal
  • Manoeuvre

Mirrors – you need to know if it will be safe to stop the car

  • check your middle mirror to see what is following you
  • check your left door mirror for cyclists

Signal – you need to let other road users know your intentions

  • indicate left, but only if there is anyone around to benefit

Manoeuvre – you need to stop the car

  • move your right foot from the gas pedal to cover the brake pedal
  • Position – move closer to the kerb
  • Speed – press the brake pedal gently and progressively to slow the car down
  • Press the clutch pedal all the way down just before the car stops
  • Keep your feet still until you have secured the car


Now you’ve stopped you need to secure the car.

Follow this 3 POINT CHECK to secure the car

  1. Apply the handbrake
  2. Put the gear lever into neutral
  3. Cancel the indicator

Now you can take your feet off the pedals…and relax!

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