Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Part 1 – Lesson 3


  • Introduction to Instructing
  • Lesson Planning
  • Subject Briefings

Lesson Preparation

  1. Make a note of all the steps taken to start to move a car.
  2. Talk yourself through the steps and check you have not missed anything out. Don’t do anything unless you have said the words first. e.g.
    Put your left foot onto the left pedal
    Press it all the way down
    Keep your foot still
  3. Continue to work through the Part 1 Study Guide
  4. Work on any areas identified in Assessment Drive
  5. Complete the following sections on Spot On Learner Drivers eLearning:
    • Cockpit Drill and Controls
    • Moving Away and Stopping
    • Clutch Skills
    • Steering Skills
    • Emergency Stop
    • Gears
    • Left and Right Turns
    • Emerge

Attempts for Clip 1

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