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Pedestrian Crossings


Pedestrians have certain rights at pedestrian crossings.

But they are only safe if you, as the driver, follow the rules and do the right thing.

Some rules apply to all types of crossings:


You MUST NOT park

  • on a crossing
  • in the area marked by zig zag lines


You MUST NOT overtake

  • the moving vehicle nearest the crossing
  • the leading vehicle that has stopped to give way to a pedestrian
  • Take extra care where the view of parts of the crossing is blocked by queueing traffic.
  • Always allow pedestrians plenty time to cross
  • Watch out for pedestrians who try to cross at the last minute

On traffic light controlled crossings:

  • Give way to anyone still on the crossing
  • Proceed with extreme caution if lights are out of action

Keep crossings clear when queueing in traffic. DO NOT stop on a crossing


Zebra Crossings

They have black and white stripes painted on the road and yellow flashing beacons on both sides of the road. They also have white zigzag marking on the road and a give way line abut 1 metre from the crossing.


Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 17.53.03

You MUST give way to pedestrians who are on the crossing.

Be aware of anyone near to the crossing who may start to cross. When pedestrians are on the pavement and want to cross, stop and allow them to cross.

If a pedestrian doesn’t start to cross you must never tell them to cross by gesturing to them.

This could be dangerous if another driver/rider is nearby. Let the pedestrian make their own decision.

Pelican Crossings

These are light controlled crossings where the pedestrian uses push-button controls.


Pelican crossings have different lights to other crossings. They don’t have an amber phase, instead they have a flashing amber phase.

Flashing Amber means you must give way to pedestrians on the crossing, but if it’s clear you can drive on.

Puffin Crossings 

These are light controlled crossings where the pedestrian uses push-button controls.


Puffin crossings are user friendly ‘intelligent’ crossings.

Electronic devices automatically detect when pedestrians are on the crossing.


Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 18.53.54

Toucan Crossings

These are light controlled crossings.

They are shared with pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclists can cycle across the road.

Equestrian Crossings

These are for horse riders and may be used alongside those for pedestrians and cyclists.

They have wider crossing areas and a higher set of controls.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 18.59.43 Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 19.03.27

School-crossing patrol

Two sets of flashing amber lights may give an advance warning of a school crossing ahead.

You MUST give way to the ‘lollipop lady / man’ on duty.

Don’t overtake when you’re approaching a school crossing.


  • approach with caution keep
  • your speed down
  • be ready to slow or stop if necessary

Always look well ahead so you can identify pedestrian crossings early. 

Use the Hazard Routine and slow down.

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