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ADI Part 1 Course

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  1. Band 1 - Road Procedure
    2 Quizzes
  2. Band 2 - Traffic Signs and Signals, Car Control, Pedestrians and Mechanical Knowledge
    2 Quizzes
  3. Band 3 - Driving Test, Disabilities, Law
    2 Quizzes
  4. Band 4 - Publications, Instructional Techniques
    2 Quizzes
  5. Part 1 Mock Tests
    1 Quiz
  6. Learner's Theory
    15 Topics
    44 Quizzes
  7. Introduction
  8. How To Complete The Course
  9. About the Theory Test
  10. Multiple Choice Techniques
  11. Case Studies
    9 Quizzes
  12. Hazard Perception Techniques
  13. Get Rid of Test Anxiety
  14. Finishing the Course
  15. Games
    2 Quizzes
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There are loads of signs and road markings to learn. Once you know the basic rules of the shapes of signs, and that more road markings mean more danger, you’ll find it easy to learn them.

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Make sure you have a few goes at the ‘Which Sign Means…’ game!

Note: You will be taking your quiz next, make sure to get the passing score in order for the quiz to be marked as completed. 

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Unique course that teaches you the ins and outs of the hazard perception test.