Part 3 & Standards Check

In the course, you will not only learn about the criteria by which you will be assessed but more importantly, you will learn how to develop a performance mindset and strategies that will enhance your everyday lessons for you and your learners.

Welcome to Part 3 and Standard Check Course

The course has been developed by Bob Morton ORDIT.

In Bob’s role as Director of Training for one of the UK’s largest driving schools and through 32 years of experience of training trainers as well as those who train the trainer, he developed methods that are proven successful.

Methods and information contained have a proven record of accomplishment and have helped many trainers gain accreditation on ORDIT, as well as helping over 3,000 new instructors fulfil their dreams of becoming an ADI.

In the course you will not only learn about the criteria by which you will be assessed, but more importantly you will learn how to develop a performance mindset and develop strategies that will enhance your everyday lessons for both you and your learners.

You will develop simple strategies that will enable you to structure lessons to display your competencies simply yet properly. You will also gain the knowledge and understanding of how the competencies will be marked and what the examiners are looking for.

You will develop your confidence that you are doing the things that will help you to get the passing mark you seek.

The course looks at areas often forgotten about in terms of preparing thoroughly, like developing yourself and your pupil both physically and mentally for the situation. The course will also look at strategies for helping with the anxiety ADIs, PDIs and pupils experience before and during the test and will help you to develop techniques for overcoming them.

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Bob Morton has been an ADI since 1989 working in the North East of England. He joined LDC in the Spring of 1991 as the company was in its infancy and joined the training team. Bob quickly progressed and became a team leader in the North East and developed LDCs Northern team.A move to Yorkshire saw Bob taking on more responsibility, becoming a lead trainer and joining the team interviewing prospective new ADIs. In his time with LDC he has done just about every job in the company and retires as Director of Training in August 2021 having 30 years of service with LDC helping them to grow into one of the biggest driving schools in the UK yet with a reputation for taking care of its instructors.

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Posted 4 months ago
A great easy to follow course

This is a great course with lots of helpful advice One of my take aways from this course is the concept of "chunking" a very useful tool thanks Bob

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Posted 6 months ago

This course has motivated me to continue with my PDI journey. The content was thorough yet concise and has helped me to see where I have been going wrong and what I can potentially do to improve. The chunking methodology makes perfect sense and, if I can work on using this in all my lessons, learners will get value for money, make progress and become effective decision-makers. Thank you!

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Posted 9 months ago
Thumbs ups

This helped me to be prepared and my students.

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