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Part 3 & Standards Check

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  1. Module 1 - Preparing For The Big Day
    4 Topics
  2. Module 2- The Test
    2 Topics
  3. Module 3 - Lesson Planning
    5 Topics
  4. Module 4 - Risk Management
    6 Topics
  5. Module 5 - Teaching And Learning Strategies
    9 Topics
  6. Module 6 - Conclusion
    1 Topic
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Module 4 – Risk Management

In This Lesson:

  • Concept Introduction
  • Did The ADI Make Sure That The Pupil Fully Understood How The Responsibility For The Risk Would Be Shared?
  • Were Directions And Instructions Given To The Pupil Clear And Given In Good Time?
  • Was The Trainer Aware Of The Surroundings and The Pupil’s Actions?
  • Was Any Verbal And Physical Intervention By The Trainer Timely And Appropriate?
  • Was Sufficient Feedback Given To Help The Pupil Understand Any Potentially Safety Critical Incidents?

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