Driving Lesson vouchers

How it started

So.. Gift vouchers for my driving lessons are something I get asked about from fairly often usually around Christmas etc.

I have never really got into producing them myself as I am always so busy teaching that it’s hard to find the time to design them, order them and send them out etc- also I am generally not very good with tech stuff so not willing to try and create them myself!

However, I am starting to feel like I need to get something organized as don’t want to be turning potential customers away if they want to buy gift vouchers.

A high number of my potential contacts are from parents wanting to buy driving lesson vouchers for their children for birthdays and Christmas- and I was starting to feel that I was turning people away that wanted a voucher so started to have a look into how I could remedy this.

A solution?

I came across a site which I’ve linked here that offered them to customers by way of a generic voucher which can be redeemed by any driving instructor which I thought was a fab idea. Here is where you can find the vouchers.

I contacted them to ask more about how this all worked, and they told me that they also actually can offer Driving instructors branded driving lesson gift vouchers. These can be personalized to your Driving school and can be bought in any amount. Have a look here.

What’s the catch?

Now when I first read it, I thought, there must be a catch here- it seemed almost too good to be true. So I wanted to share with you a bit about how it works-

– I ask them to design a voucher branded with my driving school details- this actually also means I have a landing page on their website so when my customers end up there, they can see a bit about my driving school, including photos, contact details for us and also some driving school reviews

– When someone asks me for a gift voucher I direct them to the company website via a link which will take them directly to my driving school company landing page

– They purchase the voucher in whatever amount they want- ranging from £30-£1000

– The company then emails them their chosen voucher for them to print off or the recipient can send me the driving instructor the voucher to redeem if they are wanting to be eco-friendly and not waste paper!

– I then contact the company to redeem the voucher, and they transfer the payment to me within 5 days!

-the company takes a 1% fee when the voucher is redeemed.

This can all be found here.

The benefits for me

This is great for me as a busy driving instructor as it saves me the hassle of having to organize them myself.

The 1% redemption fee is such good value when I consider the cost of designing and organizing vouchers for people.

What I also love about the site is, if I sign up with them to organize my branded driving lesson gift vouchers, I can give my potential buyers a link to the company, and they will go straight through to a landing page for my driving school! It will then have details about my driving school and who we are, contact details, and it even publishes individual reviews of our driving school. I personally think this is a fantastic idea. I am a great driving instructor but absolutely useless at tech stuff! Not only that, but I wouldn’t be able to organize all of that myself, it’s not my remit, and this company is doing it all for me for a 1% redemption fee- I think that’s such good value for money! Create Your Own Driving Lesson Voucher Listing

Great things about the company

The company seems to be very innovative with their ideas and have told me they are also in the process of creating a credit card type system where the customer can scan and purchase them like that.

Another good thing about the site is they also offer other little extras for learners drivers, so if someone is wanting to buy vouchers as a gift, they can also add in things like L plates and Driver theory books! I think this is great as quite often we get asked where is the best place to buy this kind of stuff and there are so many sites it’s hard to know which ones are going to be genuine etc, so this can almost be a one-stop-shop for your prospective learners. Driving Lesson Vouchers

Reading through the reviews on the website, they have many happy customers and anyone who has ever experienced an issue states that their issue has been sorted out straight away. We all know mistakes can happen, and for me running a business, what’s important is how good a company is at rectifying mistakes and how good their customer service is.

In my experience, this company has always done exactly what they say they are going to. They’ve paid swiftly without any chasing which again when you are running a business is very helpful! I haven’t got time to be chasing for payments when I should be out teaching.

They also offer vouchers internationally too, which I think is amazing! So far countries they will be offering are the US, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Philippines, Southern Ireland, and Canada!

This is great if you have loved ones around the world and are looking for a gift they really won’t be expecting. Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

Customer Service

The company Driving Lesson Vouchers has a no questions asked refund policy too which is fantastic.

So far any time I have had a query, no matter how big or small it has been answered promptly, and they’ve been super helpful!

This is really important to me as being a busy driving instructor trying to run my driving school, I haven’t got time to keep querying things- if I have a question from myself or on behalf of one of my clients.

If you are in any way still curious about anything or like I did have any questions about the whole process, I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting them as they are always happy to answer any questions. They are really passionate about what they do and this really shows in their level of service. Have a look at what they do Driving Lesson Vouchers.

See for yourself!

So if you are a busy driving instructor and looking for a very easy way of letting your customers purchase personalized driving lesson vouchers without having the hassle of having to organize them yourself- then this could be perfect for you! Create Your Own Driving Lesson Voucher Listing


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