Free hazard perception test

free hazard perception test

If you want to improve your chances of passing your driving test, it’s important to get plenty of practice in identifying hazards. The best way to do this is by taking a free hazard perception test.

There are a number of websites that offer hazard perception tests, based on the Official DVSA videos. These can be a great way to brush up on your skills and prepare for your test.

Free hazard perception test

To take a free hazard perception test, simply visit TestBuddy and follow the instructions. You’ll need to watch a series of short clips and identify any.

hazard perception test

When you’re ready to take your UK theory test, you can book online or by phone. The test is made up of two parts – a multiple-choice section and a hazard perception section.

Hazard Perception video pass rate

You’ll need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass the multiple-choice section, and you’ll need to score 44 out of 75 on the hazard perception part.

Theory test questions

There are 50 theory test questions in total. You will be given 45 minutes to answer them all. theory test questions are multiple-choice, and you will need to score at least 43 out of 50 to pass. theory test questions cover a range of topics, including road signs, speed limits, and parking.

Retake your theory test

If you pass one part but fail the other, you’ll need to retake both parts. However, if you pass both parts, you’ll be able to move on to the practical driving test.

After you pass

Once you pass your UK theory test, you’ll need to take a practical driving test in order to get your full license. The practical driving test is made up of two parts: the first is a ‘show me, tell me‘ section where you’ll be asked questions about vehicle safety and maintenance; the second is a series of driving tasks that you’ll need to complete under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Once you’ve passed both parts of the practical driving test, you’ll be issued a full UK driving license!

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