Motorway Studs

Motorway Studs

Motorway studs between the lanes are reflective. These are studs that are embedded into the tarmac. There are different colours between the different lanes. They are not easy to notice during the day, when its light. But at night-time, car lights shine onto the reflective studs and the different colours are clear to see.

When driving for a long time on one road, it’s easy to forget which lane you’re driving in. This can mean a driver misses their exit or doesn’t know if they are in the furthest right hand lane and shouldn’t overtake. Reflective studs help drivers to know which lane they are in at night or when visibility is poor.

Anyone preparing to take a theory test needs to learn the motorway stud colours. There are only four colours to learn. Red, green and amber are colours used in our traffic lights, so the Traffic Light Technique has been created to help you learn easily and remember forever.

What color are the studs on the motorway?


The furthest left-hand lane on a regular motorway is called the hard shoulder. The hard shoulder is the lane to use in emergencies, if you need to stop the car. For example, your car has broken down. Red traffic light means stop and wait, you use the hard shoulder to stop and wait. Therefore, red studs are next to the hard shoulder.


A sliproad is used as an acceleration or deceleration lane. It is there to pick up speed before entering lane one on a motorway, or to reduce speed when exiting a motorway. We use a slip road to GO on or GO off a motorway. Green traffic light means go. Therefore, green studs are next to the slip road.


The centre of a motorway, where the crash barrier is, is called the central reservation. The colour in the centre of traffic lights in amber. Therefore, amber studs are next to the centre of a motorway, the central reservation.


We don’t have a white traffic light colour to help you learn where the white studs are. But we do have lines on our roads. And we have white lanes that separate lanes. Therefore, white studs separate lanes on a motorway.


motorway studs
motorway studs

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