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A fantastic FREE resource to help you and your learners identify any issues that may prevent them from performing at their best on lessons and test.

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Once you have subscribed, go to ‘Courses & eBooks’ from the main menu and select ‘My courses’. The first lesson, ‘Instructor Information’, explains how to give your students access, and detailed information on how to use this course with your pupils.

This course is completely FREE for you to subscribe to, and you can give access to any learner driver, not just your own students, giving you a great opportunity to promote your driving school.


Apart from their ‘physical’ ability to drive, four things affect a learner drivers’ performance during lessons and on their test: their Behaviours, Emotions, ‘Physical’ Sensations, and Thoughts…what I like to call being at your B.E.S.T. If a learner is sabotaged by any of these four things, then they won’t be able to perform to the BEST of their ability.

An example of this would be a learner whose BEHAVIOURS are perhaps hesitation or rushing at junctions, missing road signs, muddling up left/right, whose EMOTIONS are ones of fear, nerves, intimidation, or frustration, whose ‘PHYSICAL SENSATIONS’ are gripping the steering wheel, shaky legs, changes in their breathing, and whose THOUGHTS are along the lines of ‘I always mess this up’, ‘I get nervous at…’, ‘I’m useless at tests’ etc.

This course contains four quizzes to help your students to identify any issues that may be preventing them from performing to the BEST of their ability. You will find this an incredibly helpful tool; by sharing their answers and results with you, it will enable you to work together to plan strategies to help them to have the most beneficial Behaviours, Emotions, ‘Physical’ Sensations and Thoughts, during their lessons and on their test.


Driving Test Nerves Course

By subscribing to Driving Test Nerves Pro, you will be providing your pupils with access to our Driving Test Nerves online course, enabling them to take their test feeling calm, confident & in control of their emotions, leading to more pupil recommendations as to the ‘go-to’ instructor for nervous & anxious pupils.

Your pupils can eliminate driving anxiety, eradicate emotions such as panic at hill starts & busy junctions, feeling intimidated by other road users & combat test day nerves, by accessing the same powerful techniques that have been used to help the Troops returning from Afghanistan with P.T.S.D.

Driving Test Nerves Pro course includes:

  • The Key to understanding your mind
  • The Amazing ABC technique to control negative thoughts
  • Techniques to eliminate fear, panic, nerves, stress, anxiety, intimidation
  • Strategies to increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Methods to stop your pupils ‘talking themselves into failure’
  • Ten-second technique to stop your pupils muddling up left & right
  • In-car demonstration of the techniques with a learner driver
  • FREE eBook for you and all pupils: How to beat driving test nerves & anxiety

What can it be used for:

  • Reducing driving test nerves (can also be used for theory test nerves)
  • Learners who ‘talk themselves into failure’
  • Dealing with ‘Anticipatory Anxiety, the ‘fear of the fear’
  • Eliminating ‘Auditory Exclusion’, when what you say goes in one ear and out of the other!
  • Fear of particular situations, such as hill starts, busy roundabouts, etc.
  • Dealing with anxiety over dual carriageways and motorways
  • For full licence holders who experience driving anxiety


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