What are the 3 hand signals?

Do you ever struggle to answer the Arm Signals or the 3 hand signals in theory test questions? Do you sometimes answer them correct and other times get them wrong?

They are actually very easy to learn, but most people try to memorise answers to theory test questions rather than learn what the arm signals are. Is this what you’ve done?

In this blog I’ll explain to you how easy it is to learn the Arm Signals. First, it’s important to know why we need to learn about Arm Signals. If you can see why it’s important to learn them, it’ll be so much easier to remember.

When you indicate left or right, indicator lights will flash at the front and rear of your car. This warns other road users that you’re turning.  When you press your brake pedal, brake lights will illuminate at the rear of your vehicle. This tells drivers or riders following that you are slowing down or stopping.  If your indicators or your brake lights aren’t working, you can’t tell other road users what you intend to do. If others don’t know you’re going to be turning or slowing down, they are much more likely to collide with you.

Although you shouldn’t drive if you’re brake lights or indicators aren’t working, you may be on your way to the garage to get the problem fixed. Or you may be driving behind a vehicle whose lights aren’t working, or one that doesn’t have indicators at all as it’s a very old car.

There are three arm signals to learn, and they are very easy to remember once you have been told and you have practiced.

Before putting your arm out of your car window, make sure your window is all the way down, and you must check your right door mirror to make sure no-one is passing you.

Here’s the 3 hand signals:
Turning Right

The arm signal to tell people you are turning right is the same as if you were on a motorbike or a bicycle. Put your right arm straight out of the window with your palm facing forward.

What are the 3 hand signals
What are the 3 hand signals

Turning Left

To tell people you are turning left, you cannot put your left arm out of the window. Your left arm would not be able to reach past your passenger seat and out of the window. You will use your right arm for all three arm signals.

What are the 3 hand signals
What are the 3 hand signals

The arm signal to tell people you are turning left is to put your right arm out of the window, palm facing forward, and turn your arm in forward circles. The picture shows arrows going around in a circle, a bit like a steering wheel turning left.

Slowing down

The arm signal to tell people you are slowing down is to put your right arm out of the window, palm facing down, and put your arm up and down. Up and down means slowing down.

What are the 3 hand signals
What are the 3 hand signals

Practise these three simple arm signals, say the meaning of the signal out loud while practicing. Teach them to someone else, explain them to your driving instructor and then, the next time you come across a theory test question about arm signals you will find them easy to answer.

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