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Questioning Techniques

There is doubt that questioning techniques are a key tool in an instructors toolbox. Asking the right question, at the right time can be difference between the pupil joining up practise with previous experience and accelerating their learning, or simply practising and developing skills, whilst not fully understanding the overall importance. 

Questions enable the instructor to get an insight into the extent of knowledge already obtained by the pupil, and also deeper insight into the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the client. Which in turn enables us to assist the client to understand themselves better, their thoughts and motivations so that they can self-manage more effectively post test. Most importantly the use of questions permits the instructor to be in control of the vehicle through areas of risk, enabling the pupil to remain focused on achieving their goal safely.

But which questions should you ask on the move? Which questions should you use at the side of the road? What is the purpose of the question you are asking and do you need to be asking questions whenever the car is moving?

In this eBook, we are going to define each question type and look at the purpose of open, closed, leading ,embedded and effective questions to help you to put your toolbox into order. Enabling you to better chose the right question at the right time, or indeed, know when silence is best served.

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