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W – Way Forward

W – Way Forward

A sense of optimism and a vision of how the goal will be achieved, a belief that it can be achieved and a solution to the problem explored with the way forward.
This sense of optimism is essential for motivation. A learner following a solutions-focused approach to learning is far more likely to succeed in more areas than a learner in a fault-focused approach. Reflecting on performance at the end of a lesson and finding solutions to problems, determining the way forward for the next lesson encourage development between sessions and accelerates learning.

Questions to determine the way forward:

  • What will work for you?
  • Where do you want to start?
  • Which approach is most likely to succeed first?
  • Which is the next best option?
  • How many options would you need to try to decide the best way forward?
  • do you have time to attempt each options today?
  • Which of these options work for you in normal life?
  • Are there any ways forward that you’d like to try, that you hadn’t already considered?

This final step sees the learners evaluation skills put to the test and the weight of responsibility transferred firmly to them for developing the task and achieving their objectives. The learner may find that the option(s) thet chose lead them to the goal, they might find that they explore more options before thet get there and gain a greater understanding of what is required. They may start the cycle again, this time more understanding of what they don’t knwo and what they need to know achieve their goal. All the while developing their ability to evaluate the skills, self-evaluate their beliefs and emotions whilst taking onboard the responsibility for the task as will be necessary post-test.

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