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Was Sufficient Feedback Given To Help The Pupil Understand Any Potential Safety Critical Situations

The final competence under risk management allows the pupil time to reflect on their driving with the support of the instructor to understand the potential consequences of safety critical situations and consider how their motivations may have led them to greater risk, therefore, raising self-awareness so that they form coping strategies for the future around not only the skills and knowledge that are necessary for safe driving but also the senses and emotions that proceed rational thought and impact on road safety.

In the event of a potential safety-critical situation or a situation where you have intervened to keep the car safe, you must check the learner is feeling ok to carry on for a short while, if necessary until you can find an area that is suitable to pull in and reflect. You may need to provide more support than is normal depending on the emotional state of your client for this period. Once you have found an area that is suitable, sufficient feedback must be given between both instructor and pupil, ensuring the pupil continues to develop their understanding of risk, the potential consequences of their actions, and what motivations they themselves carry, which may lead them away from risk or further expose them to danger.

The DVSA ADI 1 states: 

If a safety-critical or potential critical incident does occur, it is vital that the pupil fully understands what happened and how they could have avoided or dealt with it better. Ideally, the pupil should be supported to analyse the situation for themselves. However, it may be necessary for the ADI to provide feedback if, for example, the pupil simply did not see a problem. That feedback should be given as soon as is practical after the incident.

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