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2. Divide Responsibilities For Risk Within The Learning Goals And Needs

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2. Divide responsibilities for risk within the learning goals and needs.

When dividing the responsibilities for risk on the drive, consider the criteria to be split into two areas: the risk inside the goal and the risk outside the goal, since its highly likely your pupil, will need a differing level of support at different points along the route but especially when focused on achieving the goal.
Once you’ve reached the practise area, initially the learner may set their focus intently on the needs they want to develop as they approach any platforms (traffic light junctions/roundabouts/right turns etc) that give them the opportunity to practise. As previously stated this focus could have a detrimental impact on their ability to take in as much of what’s happening around them as their brain shuts down non-essential processes tunnelling vision, they may be more prone to getting things wrong and are more likely to feel anxious and less likely to hear you!

Ensure your pupil is aware that they may need more support as they practise around the goal and develop their needs. Discuss the potential effects so that they are aware of human factors that increase risk, as well as any on-road areas of risk. Agree with them on a plan that you BOTH (Client Centred Learning) believe will allow them to achieve the goal whilst also keeping the car safe. Reassure them that you will step in with any additional support that they need in the event that things aren’t going t plan and outline what they can expect when the car moves ( examples are outlined below)

Ensure that during periods of reflection, any changes to the planned responsibilities are agreed upon and again outline what they can expect before moving off for more practise.

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