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Were Directions And Instructions Given In Good Time

The second competence under risk management ensures that your pupil can practise safely and work on developing their needs and achieve the goal efficiently. It takes into account the need for the instructor’s input to be limited, considering human factors such as overload, whilst also being sufficient to help the pupil manage any potential safety-critical situations, timely enough so that wherever possible the pupil can remain in charge of the decision making process and concise sufficient on the move so that your client doesn’t turn right into a petrol station when you wanted them to take the next road on the left!

The DVSA ADI 1 States:

Any input from the ADI must be sufficient, timely and appropriate. It is important that ADIs take account of the ability of their pupils when giving directions, Directions given late or in a confusing or misleading way do not allow the pupil to respond and can make weakness worse. Too many unnecessary instructors from the ADI can both de-motivate the pupil and create a real hazard.



‘ Right now turn left ‘

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