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H – Help ( If any)

Question : Will you need any help from me?

Linked also to risk management, this step enables the instructor to divide up the responsibilities for the task so that the learner can realistically achieve their goal. Braking learning down into manageable chunks is far more effective and efficient than overloading the learner with the entire task although it is also worth stating that at points during the learning process, the pupil will be capable of taking responsibility for the entire task and your role in their development might simply be to observe and step in to keep the care safe, if necessary.
Hence asking ‘Will you need any help from me?’ As opposed to What help will you need from me?’

As always Client Centred Learning does not mean Client Led and if you feel the client may need a little more support, considering their current reality, it is essential that you provide your input constructively.


Case Study Help

Miss C decided to have three attempts at keeping the car slower whilst reversing closer to the kerb on her parallel park. Will you need any help at all other than me taking care of the observations initially and telling you if you need to wait?

Her response: If you leave me to it so that I can focus on keeping it slow and just prompt me if you think I’m getting too close to the kerb.

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