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T – Time Management

Question : How long do you need to practise? Where do you want to get to by the end of this lesson?

Putting a timescale on the practise gives focus and purpose. It allows time for reflection to plan new strategies and adapt the lesson were necessary to help the learner reach their goal. It may be that the bigger goal will be achieved throughout numerous lessons by way of achieving a series of smaller goals.

Laying out a realistic timescale for bigger and smaller goals keeps the learner motivated and encouraged as they see their development and get closer to their ultimate objectives.

Case Study Time

Miss C decided to start with keeping the car slower and getting closer to the kerb before taking over the responsibility for observations from her instructor. How long do you need to practice? How many attempts do you want before we move on?

Her response: I want three goes at getting it close then I’ll decide whether I’m ok to take the observations over too.

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