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O – Options ( Responsibility)

Question : What option will you choose first, what next, and what will work best for you?

This step sets out the learning goals and objectives for the lesson, crossing over into lesson planning. 

By enabling our pupils to explore their options and to make agreements about what both parties feel is the best and most realistic step to take first. We encourage them to take responsibility for their development and safety.

We also develop their ability to find solutions and plan strategies.

Case study Options

Miss C had decided that in order to improve her parallel park, a 9 would be closer to the kerb and slower. A 10 would be the same with good observations and waiting for any hazards. Which option will work first? What will for you here?

Her response: I’ll go in order, so I want to try to keep it slow and get it closer to achieving a 9. Then when I’m happy with it, I’ll try and take over the observations too. 

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