Question :  What is good about it that makes you give it this mark?

This step is about gathering evidence as to your pupil’s current reality, and what strengths they currently have. What position are they moving forward from? Be prepared for your pupils to tell you their weaknesses at this point! But those will be addressed in the opportunities to develop, so keep them on track. ‘No, I said what is good?’

It’s extremely important within reflection for your pupils to develop the ability to examine and explore their strengths, for them to be able to rely on their strengths as a driver in complex situations. This is their current reality and helps to raise their self-awareness.

Case study Measure

Miss C had scaled herself an 8 out of 10 for her first attempt at a parallel park so, What went well? What was good about it that makes it an 8?

Her response: Well it was much easier than I expected and I controlled the car well in reverse, steering made sense and I’m pretty much straight.

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