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O – Opportunities ( Development )

Question : What opportunities have you got to develop this?

This step looks at taking the learner forward. Examine and explore as many aspects as possible, and make suggestions where necessary if you believe there’s something that might benefit the learning, or if something might be more realistic as a bigger goal to be achieved over several lessons through making smaller achievable goals that eventually lead to the learning outcome being achieved. 

In performing this step, we are encouraging our pupils to develop key self-evaluation techniques, that will keep them safe beyond the driving test, as they begin to consider how they can find the solution to their needs.

Case study Opportunities

Miss C reflected on what went well in her first attempt at a parallel park. Is there anything you’d like to develop? What opportunities do you have to improve this?

Her response: I’d like it to be closer to the kerb, I’m going to try and keep it lower. I suppose I’ll need to observe more to do it safely on my own.

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