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MTS: Teaching And Learning Strategies

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  1. Was The Teaching Style Suited To The Learning Style And Current Ability
    5 Topics
  2. Was The Pupil Encouraged To Analyse Problems And Take Responsibility For Their Learning
    2 Topics
  3. Were Opportunities And Examples Used To Clarify Learning Outcomes
    3 Topics
  4. Was The Technical Information Given Comprehensive, Appropriate And Accurate?
    3 Topics
  5. Was The Pupil Given Appropriate And Timely Feedbacl During The Session
    3 Topics
  6. Were The Pupils Queries Followed Up And Answered
    3 Topics
  7. Did The Trainer Maintain An Appropriate Non Discriminatory Manner Throughout The Session
  8. At The End of The Session Was The Pupil Encouraged To Reflect On Their Own Performance
    1 Topic
  9. The GROW Model
  10. Teaching and Learning Strategies
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Was The Technical Information Given Comprehensive, Appropriate And Accurate?

The fourth competence under Teaching and Learning Strategies is about the importance of instructor input, and is not necessarily limited to aspects such as stopping distances on a wet road, or when it is acceptable to enter hatched road markings. More it is about giving clear, concise and timely information which helps the learner enhance their learning, keeps the car safe and engages the pupil, delivered in a manner that suits their individual learning style.

The DVSA ADI 1 states:

Giving incorrect or insufficient information, with the result that a safety-critical situation might occur, will result in an automatic fail. Remember that good information is:

  • accurate
  • relevant
  • timely

Failure to meet any one of these criteria makes the others redundant.

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