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MTS: Teaching And Learning Strategies

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  1. Teaching and Learning Strategies
  2. Was The Teaching Style Suited To The Learning Style And Current Ability
    5 Topics
  3. The GROW Model
  4. Was The Pupil Encouraged To Analyse Problems And Take Responsibility For Their Learning
    2 Topics
  5. Were Opportunities And Examples Used To Clarify Learning Outcomes
    3 Topics
  6. Was The Technical Information Given Comprehensive, Appropriate And Accurate?
    3 Topics
  7. Was The Pupil Given Appropriate And Timely Feedbacl During The Session
    3 Topics
  8. Were The Pupils Queries Followed Up And Answered
    3 Topics
  9. Did The Trainer Maintain An Appropriate Non Discriminatory Manner Throughout The Session
  10. At The End of The Session Was The Pupil Encouraged To Reflect On Their Own Performance
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Were Opportunities And Examples Used To Clarify Learning Outcomes

The third competence under Teaching and Learning Strategies reinforce learning by recognising the knowledge and experience that the learner already has and making connections between the learning outcomes (Goals). Gives opportunities to use similar skills or respond to similar situations along the route and takes advantage of theoretical knowledge, giving context to the learning by applying practical experience to that knowledge.

When setting new goals (Lesson Planning) both the coach and the learner should set up the learning outcomes for the session as a result of a discussion between both parties on theoretical knowledge and experience linking both elements to new subjects. Using contextual learning on the move, where appropriate to help the learner join up theory and pracitcal, before applying to new learning.

The DVSA ADI 1 states:

While training in technique is core to the learning process it is important to reinforce this input and link it with theory. The best way to do this is to use real-world situations during the lessons. The use of practical examples and scenarios on a lesson gives the pupil a better understanding of when, how and why to use a particular technique. This can be done, for example, by asking the pupil to think about why mirrors are important when changing direction.

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