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MTS: Teaching And Learning Strategies

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  1. Teaching and Learning Strategies
  2. Was The Teaching Style Suited To The Learning Style And Current Ability
    5 Topics
  3. The GROW Model
  4. Was The Pupil Encouraged To Analyse Problems And Take Responsibility For Their Learning
    2 Topics
  5. Were Opportunities And Examples Used To Clarify Learning Outcomes
    3 Topics
  6. Was The Technical Information Given Comprehensive, Appropriate And Accurate?
    3 Topics
  7. Was The Pupil Given Appropriate And Timely Feedbacl During The Session
    3 Topics
  8. Were The Pupils Queries Followed Up And Answered
    3 Topics
  9. Did The Trainer Maintain An Appropriate Non Discriminatory Manner Throughout The Session
  10. At The End of The Session Was The Pupil Encouraged To Reflect On Their Own Performance
    1 Topic
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1. Understand That The Instructor’s Input Is Essential To The Learning Process

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What do I need to do to do well here:

  1. Understand that instructor input is essential to the learning process.

A common misconception of Coaching, or CCL, is that it is simply about asking questions. The purpose of the questions, in a CCL environment, should be to help the learner to be solutions focussed, to become self-aware and responsible for their actions post-test, and to help them to achieve their Goal. This does not mean that any questions posed by the learner should be met with a question, in return, from the instructor.

It is perfectly acceptable to give an answer to a question posed by the learner, particularly when the wheels are moving and there is risk to be managed.

Bombarding the pupil with Q&A, around their own lack of knowledge, particularly where the knowledge does not meet the Goal of the session, has no place in a learning environment and is likely to be extremely demotivating for the learner and potentially dangerous.

If you feel the learning will be enhanced by your input, or a potentially safety critical incident needs to be managed, then if you can deliver that information in a timely fashion, making it appropriate for the situation and, when suitable, comprehensive in its nature then this will be central to your clients learning, as such you are providing Client Centred Learning (CCL)!

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